Five Reasons We Love Dried Banana Snacks

Savor the sophistication of premium fruits by enjoying the rich, natural sweetness of our dried banana slices – a gourmet snack like no other.

Among a wide selection of exotic fruit, dried banana also deserves its recognizable place, much due to a variety of its nutritional properties, and its exquisite taste. 

Even though the dehydrated banana fruit itself might sound a little more ordinary, than a carefully prepared portion of dried mango or dragon fruit, for instance, in reality it isn’t in any way inferior to other fruit snacks of the similar kind.

On the contrary, banana dried happens to be exceptionally nutritious, while keeping its unique, tasteful flavor, which makes the fruit a favorite snack choice for thousands of people across the globe. 

Truth be told, there are numerous reasons we might love it, but the following five dried banana benefits usually getting the top positions in the list. 

Rich in Potassium

Potassium is essential to keep our organism function properly, particularly when it comes to muscles and nerves. This type of electrolyte is responsible for regulating blood pressure levels and is vital for the metabolism of carbohydrates and the synthesis of protein. 

And, in case you didn’t know, just one cup of dry banana contains 1500 mg of this mineral, which constitutes appr. ⅓ of a person’s daily requirement.

Powerful Source of Magnesium

Likewise as potassium, magnesium plays an important role in our proper functioning. In particular, our body needs this element to produce energy, grow cells and synthesize DNA. More importantly, in tandem with calcium and phosphorus, magnesium is responsible for keeping our bone and tooth tissue strong. 

Well, the good news is that 100g of dried banana slices contain 27 mg of magnesium, which represents about 6% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA).  

Full of Vitamins & Mineral Iron

Among other things, dehydrated banana contains substantial amounts of pyridoxine (also known as vitamin B6), which is essential for numerous enzymatic reactions, as well as the metabolism of protein.

The fruit is also rich in vitamins A, B, B2, C and D and serves as a great source of mineral iron, which takes part in the production of myoglobin and hemoglobin, primarily responsible for the supply of oxygen to our cells and tissues. Namely, one cup of banana dried slices contains 1.6 mg of mineral iron, which represents appr. 8% of the RDA for women and appr. 18% – for men.

Robust Antioxidant Properties 

As the research results demonstrate, dried bananas include some of the vital bioactive antioxidants, like catechins, which help reduce oxidative damage in our cells, hence reducing the risk of cardiovascular, neurological diseases and, even cancer. 

In addition, their moderate consumption on a regular basis helps improve skin and hair condition. 

High Concentration of Fiber

Naturally, dry bananas include high volumes of fiber, which has a positive impact on the work of the digestive system.

Being a powerful source of easily digested carbs and also known to help relieve muscle cramps, often caused by excessive exercise, they are often referred to as a nutritious snack for athletes.

How to Select and Buy Dried Banana 

As with other dehydrated fruit variations, like mango or dried pineapple, organic dried banana, preferably without any sugar-coating is the best way to go. 

Among the Thailand-grown banana selection, in particular, a great option is to try out organic dried banana by KP Fruits, whose dehydration process has been certified by the FDA.  

Recipe of the Day: Dried Banana Nut Bars


  • 220 – 240g of raisins 
  • 100g of raw almonds or cashews 
  • 100g of dried banana
  • 1/2 tsp. of cinnamon
  • 1 pinch of sea salt


  1. Preheat the oven to 165℃.
  2. Place the nuts on the baking sheet, add a pinch of sea salt and toast them for ~10 minutes (until they get a light golden-brown color). 
  3. While the toasted nuts are cooling down, put raisins and dried banana in a medium-sized bowl, cover them with warm water for several minutes, then drain.

Note! No need to soften the dried fruit, if they’re moist enough as they are. 

  1. In a food processor, grind toasted nuts, then add raisins, chopped dried banana and cinnamon and process the mixture, until it begins to come together. 
  2. Put the mixture on the parchment paper in a small loaf pan (or a baking pan) and press it down flat. 
  3. Cool the mixture in the fridge for 30 minutes, so that the bars set properly.
  4. Take out the parchment paper with the set mixture, place it on a chopping board and cut it in bars (squares or rectangles) using a sharp knife. Enjoy!